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Hot Pink ♡ Toe Nails

Hot Pink ♡ Toe Nails

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♡Hey Nailholics!

Are you tired of having damaged nails after getting an acrylic full set? Are you tired of spending hours in a salon chair and not being satisfied with the results? Do you have a busy schedule that makes it impossible to schedule a nail appointment? NailholicStudio is here to provide you with the best nail appointment alternative! 

♡Luxury press-on nails!

You will receive a full set of 20 nails. That's right Nailholics, not 10 but 20! So if you ever lose one you will have 10 extra nails leftover! If you get extra long nails or kid's nails, you will receive a full set of 24 nails, so you will have 14 extra nails leftover! Some customers are even able to get two sets out of one! Or they mix and match their nails with other sets they have bought from us in the past! 

We’re not talking about those regular old store-bought, flimsy, machine-printed press-on nails. We are talking about hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, luxurious, limited edition, high quality, instant full set press-on nails! 

When people look at your nails, they will ask who did them. Not where you bought them. They look so natural that people will be shocked when you reveal that they are press-on nails. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews! Over 100 positive reviews from our happy customers! You can see and feel the difference in our quality nails compared to our competitors, and our nails are hand-painted by a Licensed Professional! 

These hand-painted press-on nails are the perfect instant manicure for any occasion and everyday wear! All crystals and accent pieces have been applied carefully and securely with glue, gel, and sometimes acrylic. Please keep in mind that since these are hand-painted, there may be some human imperfections. Each nail is coated with professional salon-quality gel polish for extra durability and longevity. You can apply them with nail glue, or if you want to reuse them, nail adhesive tape. If you are more experienced, you may also apply them with acrylic or hard gel!

Nails are an accessory, like jewelry! This is a lifestyle, and every girl should experience the feeling of having a fresh set of beautiful nails! 

♡Don’t have time to go to the salon? 

NailholicStudio is your online nail salon! See what our customers have to say in the reviews! Our nails are easy to apply and can be applied from the comfort of your home! These nails are here today, but they could be gone tomorrow. Don’t let someone else run off with your next full set! 

♡How to apply your nails? 

Video on how you can easily apply your nails and get them to last 2 to 3 weeks! Check out the YouTube link below

♡How to remove your nails? 

Video on how you can easily remove your nails properly and prevent damage to your natural nails! Check out the YouTube link below

♡How do I know the nails will fit me?

Video on how to find your nail sizes


Care Instructions

Always remember your nails are jewels, not tools!

Please avoid using your nails to open or pick at things. If you’re constantly using your nails as tools you can cause damage (chipping, breaking, bending, etc) to your nails. Although you are able to file or cut the nails down, it is not recommended. Cutting or filing the nails will remove the protective coating on the tips and may cause the gel to peel or chip. If you choose to alter the nails anyway, NailholicStudio cannot be held responsible for any damages. 


Shipping & Returns


Free Fast Standard shipping is 2-5 business days.

Express shipping is 1-3 business days.

Most customers get their nails by the 3rd day! Check our reviews! If you really need your nails by a specific date or for an important event or occasion, please try your best to order several days\weeks in advance in case of unforeseen circumstances such as delays.

After your tracking number has been sent to you, please direct your shipping questions to USPS directly: 1(800)275-8777. The shipping and delivery process is handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Please check the Shop Announcements section for more shipping details and important updates.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we drop packages off at 3pm. If you order before 3pm, your package is dropped off at USPS that same day. If you order after 3pm, your package is dropped off at USPS at 3pm the next business day. The local post office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. All orders made on Friday after 3pm, Saturday and Sunday will be dropped off on Monday at 3pm. If your order is placed on a holiday, your package will be dropped off the next operating business day. We are in the central time zone, please check shop announcements if you want more information on shipping. 


Due to the nature of the product all sales are final. No refunds once your order has been shipped.


How do I know if they will fit?

You will receive all 20 nails in 10 different nail sizes 0 (largest) to 9 (smallest). This will ensure everyone will be able to get the best fit, especially since everyone has different nail sizes. To find your sizes, you try on the different nail sizes until you find the ones that best fit your nails. Check both sides of your nail for proper coverage. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend you choose the smaller size. The smaller size will be in complete contact with your nail and will look more natural. Once you’ve found your sizes, lay them out in the same other as your fingers (pinky, ring, middle, index, thumb, etc) and apply! You should get one perfect instant full set out of the 20 nails sent to you. The other 10 nails that are left over can be used as replacements in case you lose a nail. You can also mix and match the leftovers with other sets to create a whole new look. In some cases depending on your nail sizes, you may be able to get 2 instant full sets out of the 20 nails!

Still confused? Watch this tutorial on YouTube:

Do you offer custom sizing?

We no longer accept custom requests or sizing BUT we give you 20 nails instead of 10! Definitely more bang for your buck! Most other Hand Painted press-on nail companies only give you 10 nails but NailholicStudio will give you 20 nails for the same price other companies charge for just 10 nails. So if you ever lose one, you have 10 extra nails left over! Some customers are even able to get two full sets out of 20 nails sent to them! Or they get creative and will mix and match their leftover nails with other sets they’ve bought from us in the past to create their own unique custom look! The possibilities are endless!

Are they handmade?

These nails are all hand painted by a licensed cosmetologist/nail technician and are designed to look like you just spent hours in her salon chair getting your nails done! Buy why actually spend hours in a salon chair when the salon can just come to you? All the nails listed are premade in advance and are ready to be shipped! That’s right ladies, we will ship your order out the same day! No more waiting 3-6 week for your nails to be made. No more waiting 3-6 hours for them to be done either! You don't even have to leave the house! NailholicStudio nails are all ready to be shipped the same day you order! 

Can I really reuse them?
Yes! If you plan to reuse them it’s best to use the sticky nail tabs to apply them. If you choose to use glue, you want to be very careful not to use acetone or nail polish remover to remove them. Instead, you can soak your hands in warm water with coconut or olive oil to help loosen the glue and gently lift them off.

However, we do highly recommend you use sticky tabs instead of glue if you really want to reuse them, simply because nail tape is a lot easier to remove than nail glue.

Why do we use Gel and not Acrylic? 
Using gel is the perfect alternative to acrylic. It is still very durable, and has a natural thickness. Gel nails can last just as long as Acrylic nails! It’s also less damaging to your natural nails! So you are easily able to switch up your nails more frequently, without having to worry about your natural nails being badly damaged! 

Is the set you're looking at Clear or Jelly?
If you purchase Jelly nails or Clear nails, please understand they are see through. With that being said, you will be able to see the small embossed number under the tips of the press-on nails. However after a few days the number will fade on its own. If that bothers you, please avoid purchasing those particular sets. This only applies to the Jelly and Clear nail designs. If the set you are looking at is NOT jelly or clear, please disregard this notice.

More questions? Check out our FAQs page:


♡If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact NailholicStudio via: via messages


Call/Text: (213)461-6981

IG dm: @nailholicstudio

♡Hours of operation:


10am to 5pm



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